2022 - The Year of The Catfish

Many of you may have seen across the Alteryx community, and Linkedin/Twitter, this photo. No, Chris has not used one of those goofy apps on his phone to see what he looks like 10 years ago, this is actually a recent photo!

Jokes aside, in early 2022, Chris was announced as an Alteryx ACE. This has been a long-term goal of Chris’, since starting Bulien and becoming a legend in the Alteryx community. He’s been playing the part for a good while now, its good to see him looking it too.

So, what is it?

If you ask him, we’re sure he’ll tell you in detail how awesome it makes him.

The truth is, being an Ace means a lot. Aces are recognised directly by the worldwide Alteryx community for their influence, through webinars, videos, podcasts, being one of the top solutions authors, or helping out on the community. In Chris’ case, all of the above.



A Congratulations From us!

This award acknowledges many years of work with the platform and compliments his existing Alteryx Expert Certification Status.

Needless to say these achievements do not come easily and are not guaranteed based on volume of work, passing exams, or commercial success. To become an Alteryx ACE, one must demonstrate a consistent dedication to delighting in data and accelerating use of this fantastic platform for anyone to benefit. I hope you will agree – in particular if you have ever worked with Chris or heard one of his many engagements – that his unique style enables Alteryx users worldwide to do exactly that.

He will of course be modest in his acceptance and hopefully only be slightly less insufferable to his team, some of which may not be far behind him in their own efforts. Our congratulations again.

The Careful Line to Tread

There is a link below to Chris’ Linkedin post about becoming an ACE. We would encourage everyone to congratulate him *delicately*. Don’t let it go to his head please…

Linkedin Post