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If you’re an Excel expert, the idea of learning a new platform and skills can be daunting. Trust us, we’ve been there. But you already understand data, data structure, the formulae. Your time is more valuable than dealing with repetitive, labour-intensive processes and complex, error-prone spreadsheet models.

Why would you want to spend hours manually working on data in spreadsheets, or ever have to do the same thing twice? It’s time to work smarter and faster. Alteryx is like magic. It helps you to be lazy – one tap and a process that used to take a day is done. The Bulien team is here to help you skyrocket your value with a more advanced platform (Alteryx!) – without the limitations of Excel.

We’ve got a challenge for you. Tell us something you’re doing repeatedly, or a process you’re regularly complaining about, and we will replace all of that using Alteryx.

Alteryx. It’s Like Magic.

Alteryx offers 260+ code-free building blocks to automate everything you do with your data. A complete data science, analytics and process automation solution. Put the power of AI and Machine Learning into the hands of your end-users.

  • Move from firefighting to automated tasks and workflows. One-click tasks that free up your day for value-added BI.
  • Make better, data-driven decisions. No more hunches. Stay ahead of your competition.
  • Reawaken your passion for analytics and your enjoyment of insight-finding.

What Does Alteryx Do?

Streamline repetitive and complex processes to quickly deliver insights and value. Take advantage of the powerful outcomes data science and AI have to offer, without coding. Reliable, trustworthy, high-quality data as standard. Free your time up to find big-impact insights and have fun with your data!

Effortless advanced analytics
This is where Alteryx truly excels. Use pre-built tools and macros to quickly explore data and impact the future of your organisation. Using a drag-and-drop workflow environment, you can easily leverage “what should we do?” optimisation and “what if” simulation capabilities. Predictive, prescriptive, and in-database analytics – in a fraction of the time.

Achieve faster, transformative outcomes
With Alteryx’s innovative Analytic Process Automation, anyone can unlock predictive and prescriptive insights that drive quick wins and fast ROI. APA enables you to democratise data, automate business processes, and upskill your people. APA is used in 6,700+ companies worldwide, and in over 37% of the Global 2000.

Take your BI to the next level
Here are some of the incredible things Alteryx can effortlessly help you to do (did we mention, without code?!):

  • Data Blending
  • Diagnostic Reporting
  • Predictive Auto ML
  • Explainable AI
  • Data Preparation + Profiling
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Low-code/No-code Data Science

Bulien + Alteryx = Transformation

Alteryx combines people, process and automation. Bring that magic into your organisation with one of the UK’s best Alteryx consultancy and service providers.

Alteryx Consulting
We won’t blindly implement Alteryx if it’s not right for you (but it’s so powerful, it nearly always is). We take the time to understand your pain points and goals and the best way of fulfilling them. We’ll help you craft a powerful data strategy. All your stresses and frustrations with BI, we’ll help to remove.

Alteryx Training & Enablement
We can do as much as you need us to, but our main goal is to upskill your team to make you self-sufficient. We’ll give your staff the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to do more with their data. We provide strategic advice, workshops, and training. We’ve supported customers across all key areas from governance & security to reliability & availability.

Alteryx Support
We don’t just implement a data platform and leave. We’re here for as long as you need us. Our passion is contagious and by the time your project is over, you’ll be enthused and excited and raring for more. And when you’re ready, we act as your subs bench, stepping in when required or desired.  The data abides!

Powered by AI. Enabled by Bulien. Driven by you.


Bulien is proud to partner with, who created ALTER:U to optimise the Alteryx learning process.

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