What is Alter:U?

Alter:U is an online, on demand, self-paced Alteryx learning platform developed by Datacurious.ai. It’s the brainchild of two former Alteryx employees and platform experts Shaan Mistry and Dr. Nick Jewell. Learn from more than 200 online boot camp lessons that will take you from Alteryx ground zero to Alteryx hero. Alter:U will give you all the tools you need to really play tunes on the software and support your journey through Alteryx Core Certification, to Advanced and beyond – if you want to!

Who are Datacurious?

Dr. Nick, formerly the Senior Director of Product Development at Alteryx, and Ice Hockey superfan.


Shaan Mistry, Former Senior Product Marketing Manager and all-round Alteryx legend.

Nick Jewell
Shaan Mistry

Why do Bulien love it?

That’s easy. It complements our expert, technical consultancy since we want people to learn Alteryx as quickly as possible whilst doing their day jobs and implementing the platform. The more tools available and the easier they are to accelerate learning the better. We see this as frictionless to our consultancy as a part of any project that will reduce time to value and help embed Alteryx into any organisation.

How can it help me?

Alter:U enables you in the following situations:

  • You’re time poor and need results with Alteryx quickly.
  • You’re a long-time spreadsheet user but you want your working day back.
  • You’re familiar with BI dashboards but don’t ever get the data in the formats you want.
  • You’re a visual learner who needs on demand repetition following technical workshops.
  • You need Alteryx learning in bite size sessions since that’s how you retain information.
  • Alteryx Designer is becoming fun and fast and it’s time to go for Core Certification.
Want to know more? 

Have a look at www.datacurious.ai and contact us to understand how we fit this into our implementation program. 

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