Bulien Involvement

Bulien were recommended by the UK Alteryx Enterprise sales team given their depth of experience to design and develop human resources specific workflows with the EMEA HR function at Kingfisher to help them understand resource demographics across the entire business. This involved training new employees, understanding the current IT eco system and championing Alteryx as a disruptive technology to provide dynamic data blending and integration from several instances of SAP and other systems with the results being pushed into Power BI dashboards, also developed by Bulien.


The outcomes so far have been well received by the C Suite, with the CPO commenting on the benefits of the data output which will help in resource planning across EMEA for the coming year. The work is on going with the latest project being centred around using Auto ML to develop predictions for resource shortfalls as well as many other internal KPI requirements. This will inevitably require an Alteryx Server purchase in the near future so the client can concentrate on development of additional workflows.